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Jack Fonss is an independent consultant with engagements in new fund structures and technologies. Jack was the CEO of AccuShares during its 2+ year regulatory build-out and its brief time in the market.

In addition to pioneering ETF market structures, Jack has comprehensive experience in most markets including equities, fixed income, credit and loans, emerging markets, asset-backed, mortgage-backed, and OTC derivatives. Jack has been the principal for AccuShares and global banks for leading initiatives at the SEC, the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency, the IRS, the CFTC, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  


AccuShares was the first fund sponsor to patent and launch multi-class ETFs. AccuShares was a financial technology firm focused on solutions for the fund industry. A wide range of granted patents were awarded which promise new product opportunities, improvements to existing markets, and solutions for anticipated regulatory changes

In late June 2016 AccuShares launched a WTI fund under the tickers OILU and OILD as a proof of concept for PCS or "pair-class-shares". Even with modest trading volumes, OILU and OILD brought otherwise unobtainable advantages with consistent market tracking. The fund was closed, and the securities were redeemed approximately 10 weeks after launch due to capital constraints.

In late May 2015, AccuShares launched an ambitious spot VIX fund under the tickers VXUP and VXDN. The spot VIX fund paid regular distributions based on changes in the spot VIX - a dramatic departure from the conventional volatility products which maintain a rolling 30-day futurity. Challenges in communicating the futures/spot basis (which exists even at settlement), and unexpectedly high volumes of adverse blogging and internet impersonations made marketing challenging for an early phase start-up. Further, the low VIX levels of 2015, contributed to unprecedented steepness in VIX futures term structures, further complicating the futures/spot basis analysis; a significant number of ETP traders were confusing (and continue to confuse)  VIX ETPs with leveraged option positions equivalents. VXUP and VXDN are the only ETFs which, except for customary management fees, returned all price declines to ETF investors in cash returns.


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